Restricted supplies

If you are on a Restricted supply, you will get a pre-determined amount of water delivered to a supply tank on your property over a 24-hour period (through a restrictor).Restricted supplies are usually provided in township and rural areas where there is limited reticulation capacity and a higher likelihood of extraordinary use of the water supply. 

Point of supply outside premises - Restricted flow supply

A Restricted supply is sometimes provided to consumers in supply areas that are typically On-Demand. This happens when providing an On-Demand supply to a property would have a negative impact on other consumers on the supply – for example, it would reduce pressure or availability of supply.

If you are on a restricted supply, you should know about:

  • Storing water
  • Looking after the restrictor
  • Cleaning the tank
  • Relocating the point of supply
  • Theft and illegal connections

The following water supplies in Waitaki are Restricted:

  • Ardgowan/Weston/Enfield/Kakanui
  • Kauru Hill
  • Awahomoko
  • Kurow
  • Awamoko
  • Lake Ohau Village
  • Dunback/Goodwood
  • Lower Waitaki
  • Bushy Creek (formerly Otekaieke)
  • Duntroon
  • Stoneburn
  • Hampden/Moeraki
  • Tokarahi
  • Herbert/Waianakarua
  • Windsor