Retiring Elected Members’ Valedictory Speeches

Published on 30 September 2022


Tuesday 4 October 2022 will mark the final Council meeting for Waitaki’s retiring Elected Members: Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale (Ōamaru Ward), Councillor Bill Kingan (Corriedale Ward), Councillor Colin Wollstein (Ōamaru Ward) and Vicky Munro (Ahuriri Community Board Chair).

Each Elected Member will present their valedictory speech to Council at the meeting which will be available live on Waitaki District Council’s YouTube channel as part of Council’s regular broadcast of meetings and included in the recording after the event. The Valedictory Speeches will also be included in full in the Public Minutes of the Council Meeting.

Deputy Mayor Melanie Tavendale
Melanie Tavendale joined Council in 2013 as an Elected Member and became Deputy Mayor in her second term in 2016. Melanie’s Committees and Portfolios include Community, Culture and Regulatory Committee (Chair); Executive Committee (Associate Chair); Assets Committee; Harbour Area Committee; Hearings Committee; Grants and Awards Committee; Communications Portfolio; Waitaki Whitestone Geopark Trust; Waitaki District Youth Council; and Waitaki Housing Taskforce.

Councillor Bill Kingan
Bill Kingan has been an Elected Member for the Corriedale Ward for nine years (three election cycles). This term, Bill has devoted his time to the Assets Committee (Chair); Executive Committee; Performance, Audit and Risk Committee; Development Contributions Committee; and Grants and Awards Committee (on roster).

Councillor Colin Wollstein
Colin Wollstein has represented the Ōamaru Ward as an Elected Member since 2013. He has been Chair of the Performance, Audit and Risk Committee for the past nine years and his other committees and portfolios include Executive Committee; Assets Committee; Community, Culture and Regulatory Committee; Development Contributions Committee; Harbour Area Committee; Grants and Awards Committee (on roster), and the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail Joint Committee.

Vicky Munro, Ahuriri Community Board Chair
Vicky Munro has served as a dedicated advocate for the Ahuriri Ward since the 2014 By-Election. The Ahuriri Ward is Waitaki’s largest ward by land area as it stretches from Duntroon to Ōhau – making up 59% of the Waitaki district. Council would like to thank each of these Elected Members for their commitment and their service to both their wards and the Waitaki district as a whole. We wish them well on their future endeavours.