Approval for extension to Brewery leased area

Published on 22 May 2023

lease map

Scott's Brewery in Oamaru has received approval for 10m extension to its leased area to enable landscaping, fencing and safety improvements.

The approval for the extension was granted under delegated authority by the property manager to address significant health and safety issues related to truck and forklift movements at the rear of the site. A deed of variation will be executed to modify the existing lease agreement, incorporating the extended area.

The extension adds an extra 10m to the current 20m space at the rear of the building under the previous lease. The extended 30m area will be fenced for safety. A resource consent application for landscaping and planting within the extended area has been submitted by the Brewery and is currently being processed. Fencing works, which do not require resource consent, are scheduled to commence later this week.

Council officers have considered impacts on parking and any future development of the site when granting the lease extension area.

Phil Scott, owner of Scott's Brewery acknowledges the public interest in the site and the harbour area. ”We are committed to maintaining a great relationship with the community, continuing to contribute to the vibrancy of the area and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations throughout this process.”

“Trying to turn a truck in our original 20m area has been proving very difficult. This has become a safety concern with public walking and driving behind an operating forklift loading and unloading trucks. The extra 10m extension to the leased area and fencing off of the 30m space allows for easier truck and forklift manoeuvres, in a safe area which is separate from pedestrians and other vehicles.”

“We are really pleased to have received approval for the extension of our leased area, and look forward to the completion of the landscaping and planting project, which will enable us to create an aesthetically pleasing and safe environment surrounding our brewery.”