Waitaki Residents' Survey

Stay tuned for changes in the way we survey our residents from 2024

Residents' Survey

The Residents’ Survey is part of a range of activities that Council completes to provide information about performance and service delivery agreed in the Long Term Plan.  The results of this survey are measured against performance targets and are also reported in the 2022-23 Annual Report. The survey also serves as a way that Council can receive the views and opinions from the community on the services that we provide.

We contact 400 people each year to respond to a series of questions that were posed to our residents using a postal to online method.

The residents were contacted by the postal to online method between October 2022 and June 2023.  The results were then compiled and analysed by Key Research, and presented in the report attached below.

2022-23 Residents' Survey results

The report highlights the challenging environment in which we are living – including severe weather events, financial pressures with rising cost of living and inflation, and uncertain political and economic situations – is reflected in the survey results.

While most of the key performance measures remain on par with 2022, there is a decline in perception of Overall Performance (down 10%) and Overall Reputation (down 7%).  

84% of the respondents rated Quality of Life in Waitaki as either good or excellent.

We welcome you to read the full report at the link below.