Strategic Direction

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The Strategic Direction section sets the overarching direction for the District Plan to sustainably manage growth, land use and development in the Waitaki District. The strategic objectives help to implement relevant WDC plans, strategies, and policies as well as regulatory planning documents and legislation that the District Plan must give effect to. The strategic direction objectives reflect the intended outcomes to be achieved through the implementation of the District Plan.

For the purposes of preparing, changing, interpreting, and implementing this District Plan, the objectives and policies in all other chapters of the District Plan are to be expressed and achieved in a manner consistent with the objectives of this Chapter. There is no hierarchy within or between any of the Strategic Directions.

The strategic objectives will be particularly relevant for any future changes to the Plan and any significant or complex resource consent applications. In addition to the specific objectives and policies contained in topic chapters of the Plan, relevant strategic objectives in this Chapter will also need to be assessed for any activity identified as Discretionary or Non-complying.