Who to contact

​​​​Problems with the supply

If you have a problem with your water supply, please call us on 03 433 0300 or email service@waitaki.govt.nz​All calls and emails are recorded in our system and dealt with by our maintenance contractors. ​Please don’t call our contractors directly as this will delay the process (all customer requests must be recorded by our customer contact team before they are actioned). 

​​It may be that the problem with you water supply is not Council’s responsibility – for example, the pipe from your house to the point of supply (toby or restrictor) is leaking. If this is the case, you will need to contact your plumber.

Supplies with different contacts:

​​If you are on the Awamoko, Kauru Hill, Tokarahi or Windsor water supplies see below for contact details.

Applications and general enquiries

If you want to make an application for water or have a general enquiry, please call us on 03 433 0300. ​ If you have some specific questions about an application or a general question about the water supply please email service@waitaki.govt.nz

Awamoko, Kauru Hill, Tokarahi and Windsor supplies

The Awamoko, Kauru Hill, Tokarahi and Windsor water supplies are operated by Corriedale Water Management Ltd. Council is not in a position to assist with any queries or issues for these supplies. If​ you are on one of these supplies and need assistance, please contact the following people:

​Awamoko​Kauru Hill​Tokarahi​Windsor
​​​Bob Newberry
0274 589 318
​Ross Ewing
 439 5292
​John McCone
431 2879
​Bob Newberry
0274 589 318
Dr Helen Brookes
431 1803
Rodger Fox
439 5253​​
Garry McLeod
 432 6070

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