Roads and Footpaths

ActivityBasis for charge2020/21 charges (incl GST)
Roading - Private Works 
District WideDevelopment Contributions/HEU​Please refer to
Development Contributions ​page​
Vehicle crossing application and supervision fee No Fee
Cattle stop and/or gate across roadApplication fee300.00
Stock droving/crossing permit OR Stock underpass permit​Application fee (Note legal fees with the applicant)No Fee
No Spray ZoneManagement feeNo fee
​​Temporary road closures​

Private/commercial purposes (single)160.00
Public events (single)100.00
Multiple road closures (Base fee + $50/extra each additional road to be closed)Base Fee + $50/extra road
Temporary road closures late applications Base Fee(s) + $150
Overweight/overdimension vehicle permits  Permit - application fee (HV Regs) - newFee + disbursements
Permit - application fee (HV Regs) - renewalFee + disbursements
Licence to occupy within Road CorridorLegal costs + disbursementsLegal costs + disbursements
​​Corridor access request (Utilities Act) ​ ​Single application​56.35
​Multiple (global) application ​113.85
Private pipeline/utility permitApplication fee $150/permit + legal + disbursements$150 + legal cost + disbursements
Non-public works within Road CorridorRefundable bond at 2.5 times construction cost2.5 times construction cost
Any activity within Road CorridorReinspection fee (for non-compliant activities)$150 + time + disbursements
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