Waste Minimisation Education Fund

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The purpose of the Waste Minimisation Education Fund is to enable schools and certified ECE’s to carry out projects in the area of waste minimisation.

The Small Projects fund has $2,000 per year for contestable funding applications up to $100 each and you can apply any time during the year. 
(Please note applications will not be considered during January.)

The council will consider applications for the following activities:

  • Waste minimisation projects, like making reusable bags from discarded materials, ​
  • Setting up a recycling system in your school
  • Waste and material diversion for reuse, recycling or recovery for example composting initiatives or repairing for reuse
  • Waste minimisation educational programmes such as workshops on how to make reusable sandwich wraps/beeswax wraps to avoid cling film use

  • Projects must have obvious benefits for your school and if possible the wider community
  • Only one application permitted per year 
  • You must be a School/Centre based in the Waitaki area

All recipients of funds from Council must complete the Accountability form​ within 6 months of applying for the grant. If you do not complete the accountability form then you may not be eligible for future finding through Council.

​All applications will be considered within 30 days​.

Note: You'll need to read and agree to our Privacy Policy​ before submitting the application form.

Waste Minimisation Education Fund Application Form

Describe the overall idea, what waste minimisation outcome is to be achieved and why the funding is needed. (max 300 words)
(Or the date of your event/project)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the advisers below:

Bron Claridge: waitakienviroschools@gmail.com


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