Road signs

Road signs are used to provide road users with information relating to the location of a range of local services and facilities. The major types of signage in our roading network are:

Fingerboard signs exampleFingerboard signs

  • Fingerboard signs are advisory signs used to indicate facilities that are:
  • Public amenities and community facilities
  • Sporting and recreational grounds or facilities
  • Other facilities like churches, marae, accommodation and transport hubs.

Service signs examples Service signs

  • Service signs are advisory signs that are:
  • Commonly required by travellers
  • Located adjacent to the road or a reasonable distance along a side road
  • Identified by an approved symbol.

How to request a new road sign?

Applications for new fingerboard or service signs on intersections of local roads are to be made using the application form below. The applicant shall be responsible for the cost of erecting the sign and/or post (an invoice will be sent out).

Please note: