Sewer main cleaning and inspections Oamaru

  • Project typeWater
  • Project scheduleStarts 7 June 2022
  • Contractor nameHydrotech
  • Completion Date30 June 2022

Starting from 7 June, Hydrotech will be carrying out cleaning and inspections (using a CCTV camera) of sewer mains in the following streets in Oamaru:

  • Thames Highway (between Exe Street and Orwell Street)
  • Nen Street
  • Exe Street
  • Reed Street (between Torridge Street and Exe Street)
  • Weaver Street
  • Tyne Street (between Itchen Street and Wansbeck Street)
  • Arun Street (between Tyne Street and Waterfront Road)
  • Ure Street
  • Greta Street
  • Test Street (between Mersey Street and Greta Street)
  • Roxby Street
  • Jessop Street

The inspections help identify blockages or breaks in the pipe and give us a general idea of the condition of the pipe and how its performing so we can work out if it needs replaced.

Most of this work will be carried out during the day, however some will need to be done at night when flows are low.

Properties affected by the works will be notified by letter drop. Property owners should not notice anything while the work is being carried out however they will be asked to keep their toilet lid down and weighted with a heavy book, as sometimes the cleaning process can cause blowback of water (only water from the toilet bowl not sewage).