Shared path provides wheely good opportunity for community

Published on 15 February 2024

Ardgowan Students and Principal with the Mayor on the shared path

With school back into full swing, there’s a safe new way for Ardgowan students to get there on time. The Ardgowan shared path was confirmed in late December 2023, with work beginning on the raised, graded and corner-barriered route in early January and finished in early February.

Principal Ryan Fraser says: “Yesterday we had ten bikes at school, out of about 110 kids and that’s such a positive thing for kids to have independence, and it’s great for their health and fitness. We have families dropping kids off at the start of the track, and parents and preschoolers riding with their kids to school and then cycling home. We’re also use it to access the reservoir for our school’s pest trapping project”

Mayor Gary Kircher says: “It’s great to hear positive feedback about the immediate impact this path has had and I think that’ll grow as more kids see it’s a fun way to get to school. It’s something the community wanted, and we have provided, so it’s great to hear from kids, parents and other people who are already using the path.

Separating the walkers and cyclists like we have makes it safe for them, and for drivers on the road. We will be working with the school to ensure the kids are safe cyclists, and property owners who have the new path running past their driveways.”

For Nate Anderson (9), Rose Arena (8 but 9 on Saturday) and Javantay Fawkes (9) the new path is a fun way to get too and from school – especially riding down the big dip on the return journey.