Whitstone-Five Forks Road Update

Published on 15 December 2022


Works are progressing well to reinstate the washed-out section under the concrete box culvert bridge on Whitstone-Five Forks Road.

On Friday 2 December, unexpected and significant undermining of the bridge structure near the Freeman Road intersection was found during routine maintenance works.

Traffic was initially reduced to one lane over the bridge at 50kph with a road closure pending to carry out the repairs. As repairs progressed, the road needed to close which created a 15-minute detour due to tampering of temporary road signage.

Network Operations Engineer, Mark Renalson said, “We would like to remind everyone that while we understand detours a frustrating, tampering with temporary signage is both illegal and can create a major safety hazard for other road users. The signage is there to keep everyone safe during these essential works.”

The washout extended 4m beneath the structure and was 1.6m deep. The washout caused the structure to sink 200mm on that side and the road slumped as well. More than 20m3 of concrete has been used to fill the void.

The wingwall was retrieved and is being placed back in its position today (Thursday). This will allow for the large void in the road carriageway to be filled.

Within the work area is the fibre and telephone cabling which services the rural communities, Chorus are on site to assist with protection of this valuable asset as it was also affected by the washout. Working around the cable adds time to the works but is necessary for continued communications in the area.

Contractors plan to have the site safe enough to open for traffic on Friday evening.