Waitaki invited to have their say on Dog By-Law

Published on 17 November 2023

Let's Talk Dogs.jpg

Waitaki District Council has launched a new page for the community to have their say about the update to the Dog By-Law, which is due in 2024. And Bella, Ruby, Molly, Milly and Meg will be the topic of discussion – as the top 5 names for dogs registered with Council for 2023/2024.

Let’s Talk Dogs will have a short survey, which anyone can complete, regarding elements of the existing Dog By-Law and Policy, copies of which are available on the page. There is also a short quiz so the community can test their knowledge of the existing by-law.

For registered users, there is also the option of submitting ideas and contributing suggestions to a map with overlays of existing by-law topics including places with on-leash, off-leash and dog prohibited areas. They will also be able to submit questions about the by-law and policy.

Let’s Talk Dogs is the community engagement stage of renewing the by-law and the survey will run over the 2023/24 summer. There will then be a formal consultation process in 2024, which will be informed from feedback submitted by the community.

The policy was last updated in 2014, and Waitaki has seen a growth in the number of registered dogs during that time. A recent report to Council indicated there are 5556 registered dogs in Waitaki, a number which includes both working and domestic dogs.

So whether your pup is a Bella, a Ruby, a Santa’s Little Helper or a Featherstone-Puff Puff Duke the 3rd (we don’t have one of those registered), we invite everyone to get involved.