Upcoming conserve water notice: Awamoa/Holmes Hill area

Published on 22 January 2024

Awamoa/Holmes Hill area of Oamaru Water Supply
Applies from 12am (midnight) to 6pm, Tuesday 30 January.
Council contractors will be completing the second stage of work on the Beach Rd wastewater (sewerage) pumping station.  This involves installing a flow meter on the wastewater main so we can better understand the network's capacity and plan for future growth.
If you live in the affected area (shown on the map below) please conserve water as much as possible on 30 January during the times noted above. This will reduce the amount of wastewater going into the network while the main is shut down and drained to enable completion of the work.  
In this case, conserving water means avoiding any indoor water use that allows larger volumes of water to go down the drain and into the wastewater network – e.g. taking baths, running loads of washing and leaving household taps running.  
This notice doesn’t affect outdoor use of water, which goes into the stormwater network (not wastewater).
If you live in the area and have any questions or concerns, please get in touch on 433 0300 or service@waitaki.govt.nz.


Thanks in advance for your support.