Tree Planting, Shelterbelts, Plantation and Carbon Forestry

Published on 21 July 2022

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This week, we continue with our rural Waitaki series, where we answer some of the commonly asked questions by our community. If you are interested to know whether you will be able to plant trees near a boundary or shelterbelts and what is being recommended for plantation and carbon forestry in the Draft District Plan, keep reading to learn more.  

Can I plant trees near my boundary and shelterbelts?

Under the Draft District Plan, yes, you can. We recognise that trees provide invaluable shade, shelter for stock and amenity and have allowed for these where they are not wilding conifer species, do not shade an adjacent residential unit during certain hours, and shelter belts are no more than 30 metres in width.  If you are within an area with identified landscape or biodiversity values then there may be some restrictions on the location and types of trees you can plant. 

You should still talk to your neighbour before planting close to a boundary to make sure there are no disputes later on. 

What are we doing about plantation and carbon forestry? 

For commercial forestry, we are somewhat bound by the existing National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry that overrides most of the district plan provisions.  

Notwithstanding, we have heard the concerns about carbon forestry and have included provisions to require a resource consent for these so that we can address the potential issues arising from this type of forestry.  

Watch the Tree Planting, Carbon and Forestry Farming Summary Video below:


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