Hello and Goodbye to Mr Pothole

Published on 21 January 2022

mr pothole.jpg
Government funding for our Roading work programme fell $4 million short of the business case expectation for the next 3 years. This funding shortfall means that we can not be as responsive as we would like to be. Which is why what you may see on the ground could be Mr Pothole...appearing in a road near you.


We manage these isolated potholes through temporary patching to reduce the possibility of all the little potholes joining hands. Most of the time this works as a low-cost response, but this may also mean that you could meet the whole pothole family!


The new maintenance contract has a whole-of-network approach that measures the responses based on road priority and use. The higher volume roads are priority, and safety comes before aesthetics. The repairs will always happen in full but will become part of a planned, managed program to create the lowest response costs and a permanent repair.


So it won't happen overnight, but it WILL happen. Meaning there's no need to look smug Mr Pothole, your time is coming.


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