What has changed for Rural Waitaki under the Draft District Plan?

Published on 07 July 2022

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If you live in rural Waitaki, you might be wondering what the Draft District Plan means for you or what has changed? 

The Council recognises the need to provide for diversification in rural communities to ensure the long-term sustainability of farming and to acknowledge the potential for a range of alternative uses of rural properties that support the rural economy. The key objective for the rural zone is to provide for primary production activities and retaining the open rural character of the district. 

Existing use rights – What happens to them? 

A key starting point is existing use rights.  

It is important to note that where an activity has been lawfully established, then it can continue to operate even if the district plan rules change around it. If the effects of the activity change, then that is where the existing use right can be lost.  

How do we plan to retain productive land? 

Our rural zone covers the majority of the district, and the focus is on retaining the productive potential of land to be used for rural activities. Areas of the zone that have high landscape, biodiversity, cultural or historic values would have additional protections in place using ‘overlays.’ This helps to ensure that the rural zone can still provide for primary production activities, while avoiding impacts on important ecological, cultural and landscape values. 

We acknowledge that activities that rely on the land have had to adapt and change to keep up with changing markets, regulations, and the need to make a living. The Council is not immune to this, and we must also update the District Plan to meet the obligations that central and regional government places on us through various legislation, policies, and plans.  

Have we got this balance, right? Visit our website: www.waitaki.govt.nz/district-plan-review to access the full Draft District Plan and to give your feedback

Watch out for more information on what has changed for rural Waitaki.

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