Permitted Activities in Rural Waitaki under the Draft District Plan

Published on 14 July 2022

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If you live in rural Waitaki, we have put in some recommendations to ensure that the existing activities you carry out on your land are protected. Here are some important changes you need to familiarise yourself with. 

Subdivision increased from 4 hectares to 20 hectares in rural Waitaki 

Do you live in rural Waitaki and worried about more people living in the rural areas and complaining about your farming activities? This issue is not unique to Waitaki, it is being felt elsewhere due to more people wanting the rural lifestyle that can be enjoyed.  

With this lifestyle comes unrealistic expectations about an idyllic rural environment and we need to ensure that our primary production uses are maintained and our highly productive soils protected.  

One key tool we are proposing to help with this is to increase the subdivision threshold from 4 hectares to 20 hectares.  

This will reduce the number and density of houses in the rural area. Take a look at the General Rural Zone chapter for more information. 

Do you agree with this? Have your say.

We will also continue to include provisions around noise but not at the expense of the productive use of the land.  

Outside these uses, there will be noise limits for different times of the day so that we can all enjoy some sleep and a generally peaceful environment.  

What happens if as a farmer you want to do something different on your land? 

In the General Rural Zone, you would generally be able to change your farming type, providing you met the relevant rules and standards.  

Commonly for rural developments such as new sheds and yards, a resource consent for earthworks is needed under the current District Plan. To reduce the consent requirements for rural earthworks, we have recommended an increase to the threshold for earthworks from 50m2to 500 m2, which is ten times the area previously allowed.  

There are of course exemptions for earthworks to maintain infrastructure, as well as tighter limits in more sensitive areas, such as Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Features, Significant Natural Areas, near waterways or power poles.  

Likewise, some quarrying and mining uses would trigger the need for a resource consent, so take a look at these provisions if you think you are going to do these activities in the future on your property. Check out the Earthworks chapter for more information. 



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