Itchen Street Works

Published on 18 November 2022


Itchen Street has experienced unexpected movement which has resulted in visible slumping and cracks along the surface of the road. This has created uneven surface for drivers and reduced speed limits are in place.

Signs of movement along Itchen Street were first recorded in December 2021 and an investigation and survey was launched at the site to find the cause of the movement. Unfortunately, these sorts of investigations take time.

Waitaki District Council Roading Manger, Mike Harrison said, “When we see slumpage like this, many think it requires just a resurface of the road, but the investigation is much more involved with many factors measured taken into consideration before work can begin.”

Water, sewer, and stormwater utility services were inspected for faults and a Geotechnical review of ground structure was also conducted. The team even went into the history banks and inspected archival photos to check the historical construction methods along Itchen Street.

Since December last year, Council has also repaired a leakage on a watermain, sewer main and excavated and checked water service connections. Additionally, an excavation was undertaken to enable Scala Penetrometer testing, which is used to determine the penetration resistance (strength) of the road foundation. 

Mike Harrison continued, “It takes time to conduct testing and gain a full understanding of what is causing the slump on Itchen Street, but we are making some good steps and will soon begin works.”

Council will continue to survey the road surface and monitor movement. A redundant water pipe will also be excavated with its current condition assessed into any possible contribution to the slumpage. Repair options to level the road are currently being priced with the work programmed to begin in December 2022.


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