How will our towns grow under the Draft District Plan?

Published on 22 June 2022


The Draft District Plan supports and encourages housing growth, but in a managed way where it can be adequately serviced by water, wastewater and roads and also protecting our highly productive soils.

In Ōamaru, there are some new areas of Residential Zone recommended and some areas that are currently zoned Rural Residential (now referred to as Rural Lifestyle) that are recommended to change to a Rural Zone to help protect our productive land. We’ve also heard that people would like to see smaller lot sizes in the Rural Lifestyle Zone. Currently it’s a minimum of 1 hectare. Do you think we should have smaller lot sizes?

The current Township zones will be called Settlement zones and are generally the same as before, with a few tweaks.

In areas where people need a septic tank, like Hampden, you’d still need a bigger piece of land, 3000 square metres, if you want to build a house.

Click here to read the Rural Lifestyle Zone Summary.

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