Holmes Wharf and Breakwater Hold Up

Published on 03 August 2022


Waitaki has experienced some large sea swells in the last couple of weeks which battered the Ōamaru Harbour breakwater rock armouring and Holmes Wharf – both of which held up well.

The swells resulted in stones and seaweed washing up on to Holmes Wharf. It also caused significant gravel to wash out from the old railway line on Holmes Wharf. This is adjacent to the mole rock armouring (as seen in pic 125759).

“This is the first time I have seen stones washed onto the wharf in recent years.” Said Grant Rhodes, Projects and Assets Officer.

Holmes Wharf is currently in Stage two of the decking replacement due to complete in January 2023.

The breakwater rock armouring which was completed in 2021 is performing very well and continues to provide protection of the aged concrete breakwater structure. The recent heavy swells have depleted smaller rock armouring south of Ramsay Extension. This will require replenishing of larger rock as part of Councils yearly maintenance.

“Council has planned and budgeted for up to 2000 tonne of rock armouring replenishment each year to ensure sustained maintenance of this vital harbour infrastructure asset”   

A 3D mesh annual monitoring survey  will be undertaken in spring. The purpose of this survey is to determine how many tonnes of rock have fallen out over the past 12 months.

The photos of the breakwater rock armouring were taken on Wednesday 20 July. Public access to the breakwater is prohibited but this does not stop our local seal population sunning themselves up there.