Draft District Plan engagement on now

Published on 01 June 2022

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We have now released the Draft Waitaki District Plan for informal community feedback and engagement is on now. The Draft District Plan is one of the most important documents released by the Council. The District Plan is the community's rulebook for land use in Waitaki, spelling out what you can and can't do.

EVERYONE is affected by the District Plan because it helps shape how we live, work, and play in Waitaki over the next 10 years. Some of the ways the Draft District Plan affects you include how you use your land and how your business operates within the district. It affects growth of housing and growth of towns, as well as regulates key day-to-day activities in the district in relation to culture and heritage, biodiversity and landscapes, zoning, land and surface water activities, hazards, and more! 

"The aim of this ‘first cut’ Draft District Plan is to ‘check in’ with the community to make sure that we are on the right track before we take the next, more formal steps with the notification of the Proposed District Plan'', said Mr Campbell.  

And remember, none of the rules in the Draft District Plan have any legal effect - they are just an informal draft for feedback. 

You can give us feedback on our Draft District Plan from now through until 31 August – that’s 12 weeks to tell us what you think.  

Visit the Draft District Plan section of our website www.waitaki.govt.nz/district-plan-review to learn what the Draft District Plan means for you and provide your feedback through our online form. 

If you want to come and talk to us or ask questions, we will be hosting drop-in sessions all around the district. Check out our engagement calendar for dates. 

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