Waitaki Aquatic Centre has 4 levels of programmes for pre-schoolers between 3 years and 5 years. 

Please note you will not be able to book your children into swimming lessons until they have been assessed at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre.


If this is the first time to enrol your children to our pre-school programme, please contact us (phone: 03 433 0410 or email: ) to make an appointment to have your children assessed. 

If you've enrolled to our pre-school programme before, you can make a class booking directly via our website:



Fees for all programme can be found at swim school fees page

Course Details


  • Course description: Unassisted safe entry, move freely in water, blowing bubbles, face in water, submerging and blowing bubbles, assisted front float, regain feet from assisted front float, unassisted safe exit.
  • Suitable for: For pre-schoolers who have some water experience/confidence or have participated in lessons before.



  • Course description: Submerging and blowing bubbles x3, pick up an object from the bottom of the pool, tuck/ball float under the water, unassisted front float, introduction to kicking, assisted back float, regain feet from assisted back float.
  • Suitable for: For pre-schoolers who have no water experience/confidence/have never attended lessons before.



  • Course description: Glide on front, kicking on front, unassisted float on back, rolling logs front to back, digging arms and kicking with assistance, confident movement underwater, introduction to kicking on back.
  • Suitable for: For pre-schoolers who are independently floating and submerging.



  • Course description: Seated dive, digging arms with pop-up breathing, rolling logs with kicking, freestyle arm strokes, glide on back, introduction to kicking on back
  • Suitable for: For the advanced pre-schooler who is confident, independent in the aquatic environment.