Parent and child swim class

Waitaki Aquatic Centre has a pre-school programme made up of 4 levels in the parent and child programme which are blends of age and ability groupings

Please note you will not be able to book your children into swimming lessons until they have been assessed at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre.


If this is the first time to enrol your children to our programme, please contact us (phone: 03 433 0410 or email: ) to make an appointment to have your children assessed. 

If you've enrolled to our programme before, you can make a class booking directly via our website:



Fees for all programme can be found at swim school fees page

Course Details

Jelly fish

  • Course description: Happy in aquatic environment, introduction to watering cans and buckets, introduction to movement front and back, submerging comfortably.
  • Suitable for: 4 months - 10 months



  • Course description: Submerging comfortably, buckets, parents, parent/teacher, off matt/wall, 'Monkey Monkey' supported, assisted kicking prone, assisted kicking supine.
  • Suitable for: 10 months – 18 months



  • Course description: Safe entry into the pool, assisted float prone and supine position, kicking, blowing bubbles, submersion, digging, 'Monkey Monkey'.
  • Suitable for: 18 months – 2 ½ years


Mini Dolphin

  • Course description: Safe entry/exit unassisted, Monkey Monkey independently, submerge with bubbles, moving in front float dig/kick, push/glide/kick to and from step.
  • Suitable for: 2 years – 3 years