Coastal erosion

Our coastal landfill remediation

Last year, we told you about coastal erosion happening at three historical landfill sites that Council inherited. 

These are at the closed Hampden Landfill and two unauthorised dumping sites on Beach Road. The waste at these sites is in danger of slipping into the sea if nothing is done to stop it, which would cause damage to our natural environment. We are acting now to avoid this happening. 

Since letting you know last year of the action we’re taking, we’ve developed a plan for Palmerston Landfill on how we will use this, up until its closure in 2027. This includes putting the waste from the historic landfill sites there and putting in measures to better protect the local environment. We have discussed these plans with local residents and received approval from Otago Regional Council to take the waste to the Palmerston Landfill. 

The project is progressing and over the next 12 months, we will make the improvements to Palmerston Landfill and start removing the waste from the eroding sites. 

You can find out more about this project at


2023-24    2024-25 2025-26    2026-27
 $2,917,400  $3,206,581  $3,520,134  $5,962,814

Rates impact: Nil as funded through internal loans

Other coastal erosion

There is no doubt Waitaki is home to some stunning coastlines, but years of storms, tidal impacts, and rising sea levels are showing signs of coastal erosion which are impacting some of our communities. Council wants to work with partners to look at options on how we can best act. We want to create a plan that will be ready to put in action once further funding becomes available. 

Cost: 2023-24 $150,000
Rates Impact: No rates impact 2023-24 as loan funded

Feedback on the 2023-24 Annual Plan has now closed. We asked:

Do you support Council investing in a plan to address coastal erosion?