Palmerston Domain Lease

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The convenor (Christina Bungard) of the ‘Palmerston Mini-show’ (a local registered charity providing an equestrian event catering to hundreds of horse riders south of Christchurch annually) has requested Council permission to site a storage container between the Squash Club and the Sports Hall at the Palmerston Domain (Showgrounds).

The Waihemo Community Board recommends that Council: 

  1. Agrees to consider leasing part of Palmerston Domain to Palmerston Mini Show to be used for a storage container for equipment used for local events.
  2. Considers any submissions from the public notification process before giving final approval. 

Waihemo Community Board’s recommendation to Council for agreement to consider leasing a part of Palmerston Domain to the Palmerston Mini Show, is subject to agreement on lease terms and conditions and public notification. Public notification of any intention to lease part of Palmerston Domain is required under the Reserves Act 1977. Council is required to consider all objections and submissions in relation to the proposal.

The area marked in blue in the following map is the proposed location for the container.

location map  

Reserves Act and Draft Reserves Management Plan

The land is Crown land, vested in Council as a Recreation Reserve under the Reserves Act 1977. 

Waitaki District Council is authorised by section 54(1)(a) of the Reserves Act 1977 to grant leases on recreation reserve they administer for certain purposes including to ‘lease to any person, body, voluntary organisation, or society (whether incorporated or not) any area set apart for public recreation or enjoyment’. 

The Reserves Act requires leases or licenses to be assessed to ensure activities are consistent with the purpose of the reserve and the management plan (if any), and to show that the relevant statutory requirements have been met. 

The proposed use is consistent with these requirements in that:

  1. The activity for which the building will be used is recreational. 
  2. The activity will have little or no effect on other activities on the reserve. 
  3. The activity will have no additional effects on neighbours of the park.  
  4. The scale of activity is consistent with that on recreation reserves.

Section 54(2) of the Reserves Act requires that before granting any lease or licence the administering body shall give public notice specifying the lease or licence proposed to be granted and shall give full consideration to all objections and submissions in relation to the proposal.

Notice of Intention to Grant Lease over part of Recreation Reserve – Palmerston Domain

PURSUANT TO SECTION 54 RESERVES ACT 1977 the land described in the Schedule to this Notice (the Land) is vested in Waitaki District Council (Council) pursuant to Section 26 of the Reserves Act 1977 as Recreation Reserve.  Palmerston Mini-show’ is seeking to lease a portion of the Palmerston Domain to site a storage container between the Squash Club and the Sports Hall. The land is located at Gilligan Street in Palmerston. Council is considering granting the appropriate lease pursuant to Section 54 of the Reserves Act 1977.  Pursuant to Section 119 of the Reserves Act 1977 Council has an obligation to publicly notify its intention to grant such lease by way of this Notice. The reserve is legally described as Sec: 82 Blk: XXXIII Twn: Palmerston. 

Proposed lease terms


Term   5 years   
 Renewal Lease review after 4 years, with a lease extension or renewal a consideration  
 Purpose  For the use to site a storage container
 Free holding rights  Nil.
 Rent  $1 per annum if demanded.
 Termination  The land leased shall be used solely for purpose specified.
 Compensation for improvements On termination of the lease or surrender of the lease the land, together with all improvements, shall revert to the lessor without compensation payable to the lessee unless Council requires the lessee to remove the improvements or Council determines the improvements are of value to them and offers to pay to the lessee the value of the improvements or the improvements may be sold to an incoming Lessee.
Erection of buildings Council approval is required for any construction or modification.  NB: Lessee must still comply with and obtain any necessary consents eg Resource or Building consent.  
Statutory Compliance   Lessee shall comply with all legislative requirements including the Reserves Act, Reserve  Management Plan, District Plan, Council Bylaws, Health Regulations, HSNO requirements, Resource Consent Conditions, Health & Safety Requirements.
Lessee shall comply with any requirements of any land covenants and easements including those between Council, Crown and Meridian Energy.
 Standards  Lessee will be required to maintain the site in a presentable, usable and hygienic state.
Outgoings    Lessee will be responsible for any maintenance costs and compliance costs.


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