Council Executive Team


​​​​​​Our Executive Team is led by Chief Executive ​Mich​ael Ross​ and consists of four senior managers (Interim group structure until early 2018) each with their own area of responsibility as shown below.​​​​

Michael ross, cheif executive of Waitaki District Council.Mich​ael Ross

Chief Executive

Mich​ael oversees the operational structure of Waitaki District Council.​ He also manages economic development, Council Controlled Organisations​ (CCO) liaison and major projects.​​

​​Neil Jorgensen, Assets Group Manager of Waitaki District Council.​Neil Jorgensen

Assets Group Manager

Neil's areas of responsibility include  stormwater, wastewater, water, roads and footpaths, harbour structures, bridges and culverts, street lighting, solid waste, property, harbour operations, vehicles, emergency services liaison​​, district planning and resource consents.



Thunes Cloete, Community Services Group Manager​​​ of Waitaki District Council.

Thunes Cloete

Community Services Group Manager​​​

​Thunes​'s areas of responsibility include​ ​​the Forrester Gallery, the North Otago Museum, the Oamaru Opera House, Waitaki District Libraries, Waitaki District​ Archive, recreation and parks, the Waitaki Aquatic Centre, regulatory services, relationship with ​Maori, culture and heritage, community ​safety and development​,​ ​grants and awards.


Paul Hope, Chief Financial Officer of Waitaki District Council.

Paul Hope

Chief Financial Officer

​Paul's areas of responsibility include financial services, accounting services​, rates, business analysis and development, information services,​​ Council ​Controlled Organisations ​(CCO), audit, insurance ​​and risk management.​

Lisa Baillie, Human Resources Manager of Waitaki District council.

Lisa Baillie

Customer Services Group Manager

Lisa's areas of responsibility include human resources strategy, human resources ​operations, organisation developmentpayroll and remuneration, performance management, health and safety, policy and communications, governance support and customer contact.​​

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