Healthy Homes Toolbox

Borrow a Healthy Homes Toolbox from any of our libraries.



Q.  Who supplies the kits? This is a partnership between Waitaki District Libraries, Network Waitaki, and Cozy Homes. These toolboxes will help you figure out how healthy and efficient your home is.


Q.  What is in the kit? There are 7 tools in the kit.  Each tool has a specific use.

healthy homes kit.jpg

  1. Thermometer - used to check your hot water temperature is set correctly.
  2. Power Meter - use the power meter to measure electricity use by your appliances.
  3. Thermometer Hygrometer - used to measure indoor air temperature (especially in winter).
  4. Infrared Thermometer - measures the surface of the temperature of what it is - e.g., a window.
  5. Stopwatch - to measure how much water your shower uses by flow rate.
  6. Moisture meter - used to check how dry your firewood is.
  7. Booklets - an introduction manual, quick user guide and a record book for you to fill in your results and keep.

Q. How do I borrow a kit? You can issue these out on your library card like a book (and it's free!). You can also place a reserve on a toolbox if they are all out - click  HERE to login to your library account and place a reserve.