On-d​emand supplies

Point of supply outside premises on demand supply.​​If you are on an On-Demand supply, wat​er will be delivered directly to your property from the point of supply, whenever you need it. An On-Demand supply is provided for ordinary use of water in areas that are typically On-Demand, zoned ‘Residential’ (under our District Plan), and where there is sufficient reticulation capacity.

The following water supplies in Waitaki are On-Demand:

  • Kurow (areas zoned Residential – note this supply is metered)

  • Oamaru (areas zoned Residential)

  • Omarama (areas zoned Residential)

  • Otematata (areas zoned Residential)​

  • Palmerston (areas zoned Residential)

Page reviewed: 17 May 2016 5:52pm