Cloth nappy starter packs

​​​​For the sake of our landfill and the environment, we encourage all new parents to try using cloth nappies.

Becoming a new parent can be stressful (and expensive), so we want to make getting started with cloth nappies as easy as possible. T​hat’s why we’re providing cloth nappy starter packs for new parents for just $20. These packs would normally retail for over $100.

​What’s in the starter packs?

A great deal:

  • Each cloth nappy starter pack contains four modern cloth nappies.
  • For just $20, you get over $100 worth of nappies.
  • Each pack is suitable for boys or girls, with one size - from birth to toilet training.

​It’s as easy as...

Filling out the application form below and bringing it into Council with $20 (and the supporting information mentioned at the top of the form).

​​Why cloth nappies?

More than 600,000kgs of disposable nappies and sanitary waste goes to the ​landfill every year. There are some other things to think about too:

  • If a baby wears disposables full time for two and a half years, the result is nearly two tonnes of used nappies.
  • A disposable nappy dumped this month will stay in the landfill for up to 550 years. 
  • And while they’re rotting, they keep leaking methane into the air.
  • It takes one cup of crude oil to make the plastic for each disposable nappy.
  • More than a million trees are chopped down every year to make the disposable nappies we use in New Zealand.

​Better for your wallet

Over the longer term, modern cloth nappies are much cheaper to use. Depending on different factors, such as your choice of products, and washing and drying methods, you can save a lot of money using modern cloth nappies. Studies have shown that using cloth nappies for one child over two and a half years can save you a lot of money - up to $6000. And remember, the less you waste, the less you pay for rubbish disposal. 

​No hassle

Cloth nappies have come a long way in recent years - there are so many choices - and they look great too! Modern cloth nappies are designed not to leak and the fabrics they use make them easy to wash and dry.

​Every one counts

If every new parent in Waitaki replaced one disposable with one cloth nappy a day, that would mean at least 80,000 less disposable nappies going into the landfill every year!

If you use cloth nappies just some of the time, it will make a difference to our landfill and our environment. If you are able to use them most of the time, then that’s going to make a big difference.

Page reviewed: 25 Oct 2017 12:16pm