Temporary Traffic Management Plan

​​​​Temporary traffic management in road.

​​If working on the road will affect general traffic, then you n​eed to organise temporary traffic management.​

​​The NZ Transport Agency’s Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management​ (CoPTTM) describes best practice for the safe and efficient management and operation of Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) equipment on all roads in New Zealand. 

CoPTTM applies to any activity that varies the normal conditions of any road and applies to the full width of the corridor. An approved Traffic Management Plan  is necessary to carry out work within the road corridor as required under the CoPTTM. 

For further information please go to NZ Transport Agency’s Code of Pr​​actice for Temporary Traffic Management.​​​

What does the TMP pr​​ocess involve?

A TMP must be prepared by a qualified Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) and approved by Council at least three working days prior to the activity commencing. In addition to an approved TMP, the activity on the road reserve must have compliant TTM equipment installed on the site, ie signage and cones.

​Who can prepare a TMP for me? 

If you are not a qualified STMS and/or have no access to TTM equipment, the following contractors are available for this service in the Waitaki district:

  • ​​Whitestone Contracting – Phone 03 433 0240 

  • Fulton Hogan – Phone 03 433 1129 

  • South Roads – Phone 03 437 9010 ​

  • Downer NZ – Phone 03 433 1253 

  • Traffic Management and Control – Phone 03 474 5341 

  • Traffic Management NZ Ltd – Phone 0800 532 222

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