Pay your rates


​​​Rate instalment due dates 2020-21 rating year

Rates will be collected by quarterly instalments on the following dates or on the first working day after this date.  Payments will be applied to the oldest debt first.

​​ InstalmentDue date
One25 August 2020
Two2November 2020
Three25 February 2021
Four25 May 2021

Paying rates when you own multiple properties (rating units)

If you have a property with multiple rating units, or you own multiple rating units around the district, you will need to ensure you identify each of the rating units when you make payments. Please go to rating units with multiple parts for more information.

Search your property and rate online

You can use a street address, valuation number or legal description to search for a property's information and rating details.

: The search result shows the annual rate amount only. It does not show live balance or any balance of your account.


Ways to make a payment

Direct Debit

Direct debit is the preferred payment option.

Council offers direct debit by either instalment (on the due date), monthly (on the 20th) or fortnightly. Council will provide you with notification on how much will be deducted from your nominated bank account and you will not need to worry about instalment due dates. As Council calculates and deducts the amount due to clear the rates by the end of each rating year, you won't run the risk of forgetting to pay and incurring a late payment penalty. There is no extra charge for this payment option.

Please note that your rates need to be up-to-date before a direct debit can the set on a rates account.

  • Simply complete a and return it to us  or  for processing. Scanned, emailed or faxed Direct Debit forms can be accepted from the following banks: BNZ, ANZ, ASB, Citi bank, HSBC, Kiwibank, TSB and Westpac.
  • Please print both pages - the terms and conditions on the second page must be seen to be part of the form.
  • Written confirmation will be sent to you once the direct debit authority is in place.  
Do not take the form to your bank to set up.
This direct debit is initiated by Council and therefore the form needs to be received by Council. 

In person

If you would like to pay by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or Credit Card* at the Council offices, you are welcome to visit
  • The main Council office at 20 Thames Street, Oamaru. or 
  • our service centre at 54 Tiverton Street, Palmerston.

: a 1.5% merchant fee will be charged for credit cards to cover the cost of this payment option. 


You can post a cheque payment to:

Please enclose the remittance advice with your cheque to ensure payment is allocated correctly. Do not post cash.

Receipts will not be issued unless they are specifically requested.

Telephone or internet banking (bank transfer)

You can arrange with your bank to pay rates by telephone or Internet banking. 

Please use the following details when making your payment by online banking to ensure it will be receipted correctly.

Account name:     
Account number:   

It is essential that you include the required information in the 'Particulars', 'Code' and 'Reference' columns when you make a payment. Without this information, we may not be able to allocate your money to your outstanding payment – which could result in unnecessary problems and delays  

  • Enter the correct information in each of the 3 fields your bank provides for you; "Particulars", "Code", and "Reference".
Customer Name from the Rates Assessment Notice.
Enter surname, a space then initials or company name only. Limit 12 characters.
"Rates".Rates Assessment Number from the Notice.
This is a six-digit number with no alpha characters (e.g. 123456 )

  • Use the samples below to ensure you enter the correct Rates Assessment number on the notice.


  • Please do not make one transfer for several accounts- for example, three rate accounts, a water account and a dog registration. 
  • Split the payment with the appropriate payment particular and reference details to ensure that the payment is made to the correct account. 
  • Ratepayers with automatic payments are responsible for keeping these up to date.  This means ensuring the amounts are sufficient to clear the rates by all of the required due dates, that the Assessment References are correct, and that they are cancelled if a property is sold .

Waitaki e-Services (credit cards)

You can pay rates using a credit card online. We accept  and  only. Due to the bank security restrictions, currently payments are only accepted from credit cards issued in the following countries: New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, USA and Germany.

  • A merchant fee of 2% normally applies to the payment, which is charged by the credit card and merchant service providers. Council does not retain any part of this fee. 
  • You should check with the Bank that issued your credit card for details about other fees or charges that may also apply, as this credit card transaction is carried out in terms of the arrangement between you and your card issuer.
  • Transactions are processed by Council within three working days of the payment. Please keep this in mind when paying rates close to the instalment penalty date.  
  • At the end of a transaction, you will be given a reference number. Receipts for online payments are not available, however you can either print the screen or note down the details for future reference. 
  • Please contact us regarding refunds for overpayments or incorrect payments.

Terms and Conditions

Please acknowledge you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to Waitaki e-Services.  


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