Why rats and mice are a problem

​​In addition to transmitting disease, rats and mice can cause a host of other problems:

  • When rats and mice take up residence in buildings, including people’s homes, there will usually be a build-up of droppings, straw, and other bedding material. These can harbour disease and other pests, and are also a potential fire risk.3 mices on top  of a yellow corn.

  • Rats and mice will gnaw at timber structures and even copper water pipes, which can have costly consequences for building owners. 

  • The parasites they carry include fleas, mites and a range of other insects – which can also transmit disease and make life extremely unpleasant for humans, domestic animals and livestock. 

  • Mice in particular are able to access food areas easily and contaminate the surfaces they cross over and food they access.  

  • If this isn’t enough, rats and mice will breed in ceiling insulation - rats have enough body mass to compress some insulation materials, reducing their insulation properties.

Page reviewed: 28 Sep 2016 10:12am