Preventing rats and mice infestations

​​There are several things you can do to help reduce the risk of rats and mice becoming an issue in your home or on your property:
  • Keep food scraps in vermin proof containers and clean up food after feeding pets and animals.

  • Seal up possible access points around waste pipes and plumbing where they pass through foundation walls and exterior wall linings. 

  • Trim trees so rats and mice are prevented from climbing onto roofs and accessing roof spaces.

  • Keep garden areas tidy. Vegetated areas should be thinned out to allow inspection and not overgrown.

  • Having animals such as poultry (hens, ducks) and pigs increases the risk of having a problem with rats and mice as they will be attracted to any food scraps or grain left after feeding. If you do keep animals, good housekeeping is essential to reduce this risk. Keep food in sealed hard material containers that are vermin proof - such as plastic paint containers - and store them in a vermin proof building. 

  • Where you need to resort to using bait, follow some of the basic rules in dealing with rat and mice infestations page​.

Page reviewed: 04 Aug 2020 12:13pm