Fire Permits and Outdoor Burning


​From 1 July 2018 Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) is responsible for the issuing and administration of all outdoor fire permits within the Waitaki District. If you wish to apply for a permit, please follow the steps below.

How to apply for a fire permit

Information from Fire and Emergency about fire seasons, the current season in your location, how to safely light a fire, fire types and how to apply for a permit can be found at

The Waitaki District falls across two regional councils with different outdoor burning regulations. Check this map to see whether Canterbury Regional Council or Otago Regional Council regulations apply to you.Regional council map of Waitaki District

Otago Regional Council website

Otago Regional Council  outdoor burning regulations


Ecan logo

  Environment Canterbury  outdoor burning regulations


Fire and Emergency NZ website FENZ - Fire & Emergency New Zealand fire seasons and permits

You must check with Fire and Emergency New Zealand if you need a fire permit for your proposed fire in the open air. You can do this online at

Fire and Emergency is responsible for setting fire seasons and issuing fire permits for all urban and rural areas. When assessing your fire permit, Fire and Emergency will take into consideration a range of factors including the location of your proposed fire, the weather, and other conditions that may increase the risk of the fire getting out of control.  

Information from Fire and Emergency about fire seasons, the current season in your location, how to safely light a fire, fire types and how to apply for a permit can be found at

OK to burn

Not OK to burn

  • untreated dry wood
  • wood
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • dry plant matter 

      • Painted or  treated wood
      • Rubber
      • Coated wire
      • Plastic
      • Material containing asbestos
      • Metals
      • Batteries
      • Used and waste oil
      • Chemicals
      • Tar and bitumen
      • Paint and other surface coating materials
      • Containers that have stored hazardous materials

STEP 3: Talk to Your Neighbours 

There's nothing worse than fresh washing on the line and a smokey fire. Consider the possible impact of smoke and fire on your neighbours and their property when planning outdoor burning. Keep them informed.

How to report a fire risk

If there is an immediate danger to people or property – call 111 immediately.

If there's a property in your neighbourhood that you believe is a health or safety hazard due to an unkempt section, you might first try talking to the property owner.

If this does not resolve the problem, contact Waitaki District Council on 03 433 0300 to report a concern that does not present a fire risk, such hoarding and other nuisance issues including vermin control.

If you have a concern about a fire risk, you can let Fire and Emergency New Zealand know about your concern by completing the online form available at or calling 0800 673 473.  Please note that Fire and Emergency is only able to take action to deal with genuine fire hazards, and not where the property is just unsightly or presents a health hazard.

Nuisance from smoke complaints

If you have a complaint about smoke, first check which regional council you're in on the district border map above.

If you are in the Environment Canterbury area please call Environment Canterbury on 0800 765 588 (24 hours). More details are available here on the Environment Canterbury website.

If you are in the Otago Regional Council area, please call the Otago Regional Councils pollution hotline 0800 800 033. More details are available here on the Otago Regional Council website

If you have a question about an outdoor burning permit for your own premise, please check the guidelines above. ​​​​​​​

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