​​​​Meter rates

- Connected Rating Unit       - Cubic Metre

 TownshipMeter Rate (per m3)Rate CreditWater Supply Rate (per CRU)
Kurow $0.521142m3$594
(includes Weston, Enfield, Kakanui, Hampden-Moeraki and Herbert-Waianakarua Zones)
Waihemo - Palmerston Zone$1.19692m3$824
​Lake Ohau​$0.47​583m3​$274

*These figures are current at 1 July 2020.  Council reserves the right to revise any of the fees and charges at any time, including the right to add further fees and charges to cover actual and reasonable costs as Council sees fit.

For more information please visit Metered supplies page.

Water rates

- Connected Rating Unit       - Quantity Supplied         - Cubic Metre

Water ratesRateBasis for rate
Oamaru Water - Supply$240CRU
Oamaru Water - Reticulation$227CRU
Oamaru Water Treatment Loan (excludes businesses with water meters)
Oamaru Water - (including Weston, Enfield, Kakanui, Hampden-Moeraki and Herbert-Waianakarua Zones)
Oamaru Water - Kakanui crib unit supply(closed to new applications) $439Unit
Oamaru Water - Hampden-Moeraki domestic supply
Oamaru Water - metered supply - all zones
Waihemo Water - (including Palmerston, Dunback & Goodwood Zones)$824CRU
Waihemo Water  - metered supply - Palmerston Zone​$1.19m3
Kurow water supply$594CRU
Kurow metered supply$0.52m3
Lake Ohau Village water supply$320CRU
Lake Ohau Village - connection availability$160SRU
Omarama water supply$624CRU
Omarama - metered supply$0.96m3
Otematata Water Supply$482CRU
Otematata - metered supply$0.52m3
 Other Rural Water
Awamoko Water Supply (managed by Corriedale Water Management Ltd.)$530Unit
Duntroon Water Supply$627Unit
Kauru Water Supply (managed by Corriedale Water Management Ltd.)$445Unit
Lower Waitaki Water Supply$595Unit
Bushy Creek  Water Supply (closed to new applications)$186Unit
Stoneburn Water Supply$352Unit
 Tokarahi Water Supply (managed by Corriedale Water Management Ltd.)$421Unit
Windsor Water Supply (managed by Corriedale Water Management Ltd.)$416Unit

General fees and charges

Fees and charges applicable at the time of application may include:

  • The application processing fee
  • Officer time taken in the processing, liaison, research and determination of the application

Charges applicable at the time of connection may include :

  • Payment to the Council for the cost of the physical works, including administration and management of those works (or any set fee to cover such costs, as are required to provide the connection)
  • A development contribution charge determined in accordance with the Local Government Act 2002
  • A financial contribution charge determined in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991
  • Officer time for processing, liaison, research, design and design review, coordination, supervision and record-taking associated with the connection.
ActivityBasis for charge2020/21 charges (incl GST) 
AllDisconnection fee670.00
AllRestrictor change (physical costs)460.00
All - Standard Connection 20 mmOn-demand supply2,430.00
All - Standard Connection 20 mmMetered On-demand supply2,600.00
AllWater Supply system inspection (including scheduled contractor charge)Actual cost
AllWater meter installation (including scheduled contractor charge)Actual cost
All - Non-standard connectionRestricted/ Extraordinary/ other supplyActual cost
AllEngineer hourly charge120.00
AllSenior Engineer hourly charge180.00
AllAdministration hourly charge80.00
AllBulk Water per m35.00
AllBackflow prevention device installation, and maintenance (including scheduled contractor charge)Actual cost
AllBackflow Preventer Inspection / testing280.00
AllRemedying damage to water supply system following a breach of the Waitaki District Council Water Supply Bylaw 2014 (including scheduled contractor charge)Actual cost
AllReinstating water supply following a breach of the Waitaki District Council Water Supply Bylaw 2014 (including scheduled contractor charge)Actual cost

AwamokoDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3Please refer to
Development Contributions ​page
Bushy CreekDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
DuntroonDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
Hampden/MoerakiDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
Herbert/WaianakaruaDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
Kauru HillDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
KurowDevelopment Contribution Levy/HEU
Lake OhauDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
Lower WaitakiDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
Oamaru (All Zones)Development Contribution Levy/HEU
OmaramaDevelopment Contribution Levy/HEU
OtematataDevelopment Contribution Levy/HEU
StoneburnDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
TokarahiDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3
Waihemo (All Zones)Development Contribution Levy/HEU
WindsorDevelopment Contribution Levy/1m3


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