Opera House

  • The Opera House Manager is authorised to vary charges for events, programmes or activities that promote the complex to a wide cross section of the community. 

ActivityBasis for charge2020/21 charges (incl GST)
Opera House - Venue Hire Enquiries regarding charges should be made directly to the Opera House
Commercial Rates  
Entire Complex  Per Day2,875.00
Dark or Rehearsal1,380.00
Whitestone Contracting Auditorium  Full Auditorium per performance1,840.00
Dark or Rehearsal977.50
​​​Otago Daily Times InkBox        Theatrical per performance575.00
Theatrical Rehearsal or Dark per day230.00
Gallery/ Trade Show/ Lecture Mode Full Day345.00
Gallery/ Trade Show/ Lecture Mode 1/2 Day230.00
Function Room Mode Full Day460.00
The Grand FoyerEvening Hire287.50
Whitestone Cheese Empire Room  Full Day460.00
1/2 Day287.50
The Chambers  Full Day345.00
1/2 Day172.50
​Meridian Board Room    Full Day149.00
Morning or afternoon hire (4 hours max)97.75
Per Hour57.50
Footlights StageBallroom Mode Full Day977.50
The Study  Full Day92.00
1/2 Day46.00
Green Room and Chorus Rooms  Full Day per room86.25

Community Rates  
Entire ComplexPer Day2,530.00
​​​​Whitestone Contracting Auditorium          Sun to Thurs per Performance805.00
Sun to Thurs Stalls Only632.50
Sun to Thurs Dark or Rehearsal402.50
Fri & Sat per Performance1,075.25
Fri & Sat Stalls Only828.00
Fri & Sat Dark or Rehearsal575.00
​​​Otago Daily Times InkBox        Theatrical per performance402.50
Theatrical Rehearsal or Dark per day115.00
Gallery/ Trade Show/ Lecture Mode Full Day230.00
Gallery/ Trade Show/ Lecture Mode 1/2 Day115.00
Function Room Mode Full Day320.00
The Grand FoyerEvening Hire207.00
Whitestone Cheese Empire Room  Full Day345.00
1/2 Day230.00
The Chambers  Full Day276.00
1/2 Day115.00
​Meridian Board Room    Full Day119.00
Morning or afternoon hire (4 hours max)74.75
Per Hour34.50
Footlights StageBallroom Mode Full Day402.50
The Study  Full Day per room46.00
​Green Room and Chorus Rooms  Full Day46.00
1/2 Day23.00
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