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​​​​​​Gambling and TAB

ActivityBasis for charge2018/19 charges (incl GST)
Gambling consents feeActual cost per consent (minimum fee $400.00) - deposit plus $120 per hour after 3 hours400.00
TAB Venues feeActual cost per consent (minimum fee $400.00) - 
deposit plus $120 per hour after 3 hours

Building Consent Fee Table

Value of WorkComponents of Fee ​ ​ ​ ​
PIM / Building Consideration FeeConsent Plan Review         FeeInspection Fees (Estimate only)CCC    Fee
Under $5,000130.00150.00145.0075.00500.00
$5,001 - $19,999            
Non Habitable300.00125.00435.0075.00935.00
$20,000 - $50,000            
Non Habitable300.00125.00725.00155.001,305.00
$50,001 - $100,000            
Non Habitable300.00315.001,160.00160.001,935.00
$100,001 - $200,000300.00520.002,030.00160.003,010.00
$200,001 - $300,000300.00790.002,320.00160.003,570.00
$300,001 - $400,000300.001,510.002,320.00160.004,290.00
$400,001 - $500,000300.002,000.002,320.00160.004,780.00
$500,001 - $600,000300.002,915.002,320.00160.005,695.00
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Value of work in excess of $600,000 - Total fee $5,695.00 plus $400.00 for every 100,000 or part thereof.

Building and Property Service Fees and Charges

Activity​ Basis for charge​2018/19 charges (incl GST)

Free Standing Fire 255.00
Certificate of Acceptance under $5,000 650.00
Certificate of Acceptance over $5,000deposit plus $120 per hour after the first 2 hours plus PIM if required650.00
Demolition Consent 50.00
​​​ ​ ​
25% of estimated consent fee as per schedule 
Amend issued building consent 250.00
Extend building consent timeframes 60.00
Compliance Schedule 250.00
Compliance Schedule - Amendment 160.00
Application to erect marquee 225.00
Certificate of Public UseDeposit plus $120 per hour after the first 2 hours, plus inspection fee250.00
Certificate of Public Use - request extension of timeframe 75.00
Certificate of Title on behalf of owner 35.00
Linking of Titles 265.00
Notice on Certificate of Titles 265.00
NZ Fire Service Section 46 noticeFee plus fire service charge75.00
Inspection Fee 145.00
Re-inspection Fee 145.00
Inspection Fee in other districtsCharged at a cost in relevant districtTBA
Cancelled inspectionOnly charged if on the day of inspection50.00
Exemption under schedule 1 (k) (discretionary exemption to obtaining consent)Deposit plus $120 per hour after the second hour205.00
​ ​
BRANZ LevyProjects under $20,000 are exemptNo Fee
BRANZ LevyOver $20000 - per every $1,000 or part thereof.1.00
MBIE levyProjects under $20,444​ are exemptNo Fee
MBIE levyProjects valued at $20,444 and over - per every $1,000 or part thereof.2.01
​​​Other building charges​​​
Building Warrant of FitnessReceiving information (Annual form 12 acceptance)75.00
Swimming PoolReceiving information (Form 2 acceptance - tri-annual)50.00
 Swimming Pool inspection145.00
 Application for outdoor swimming pool/fence250.00
Notice to Fix (plus inspection fee)plus $120 per hour after the first hour145.00
A certificate under Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 120.00
Request for information to be placed on property file50.00

Land Information MemorandumCommercial/Rural400.00
Land Information MemorandumCommercial/Rural - urgent795.00
Land Information MemorandumResidential330.00
Land Information MemorandumResidential - urgent635.00
Project Information MemorandumUnder $5k160.00
Project Information Memorandum$5k and over300.00
Viewing of Property FileViewing by non-property owner45.00
Viewing of file Property FileViewing by property owner15.00
 Urgent photocopy request15.00
Information on DiskLarge property plans/files45.00
Request for specific documents 
Floor plan - building25.00
New Rapid NumberPer number170.00
Replacement Plate30.00
Rapid Book - A4 formatColour200.00​​

Other fees that may apply

  • Additional fees may apply depending on the type and value of your consent.
  • Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) Levy - If the value of your consent is $20,000 or more, a BRANZ levy of $1.00 for every $1,000 and of the part thereof will be charged.
  • Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Levy - If the value of your consent is $20,444 or more, a MBIE levy of $2.01 (including GST) will also apply for every $1,000 or part thereof.​
  • Development contribution may be applicable based on the activity of the consent.

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