Building Services


​​​​​​​Building Consent Charges

Building ValueBasis for Charge2019/20 charges (incl GST)
Under $5,000515.00
$5,001 - $19,999  

Non Habitable
Habitable 1,750.00
$20,000 - $50,000

Non Habitable
$50,001 - $100,000 

​​​Non Habitable​2,640.00
Habitable 2,960.00
$100,001 - $200,000
$200,001 - $300,000
$300,001 - $400,000​​​4,795.00
$400,001 - $500,0005,205.00
$500,001 - $600,0006,085.00
​In excess of $600,000
Fee $6,085.00 plus $440.00 for every $100,000 or part thereof.
​See Basis for Charge


Building Research Association of NZ (BRANZ) and MBIE Levies ​ ​​

BRANZ Levy Projects under $20,000 are exemptNo Fee
$20,000 and above - per every $1,000 or part thereof.1.00
MBIE levy​
Projects under $20,444 are exemptNo Fee
$20,444 and above - per every $1,000 or part thereof.

: ​Additional fees may apply depending on consent application e.g. current certificate of title, compliance schedules. 

Sundry Building Consent Charges ​

Activity​ Basis for charge​2019/20 charges (incl GST)
​Code Compliance Certificate​Where a Code Compliance has previously been declined, $195.00 for the first hour plus $150.00 per hour thereafter and an inspection fee if required. 
Heater 320.00
Certificate of Acceptance Base fee, plus appropriate PIM fee and $160.00 per hour for processing and inspections650.00
Waiver to Building CodeBase fee plus $150.00 per hour after the second hour, plus building consent amendment fee if required. 300.00
Demolition Consent 150.00
Amend issued building consentFee plus $150.00 per hour after the first two hours plus any required inspections $160.00 each. 250.00
Extend building consent timeframes 60.00
Compliance Schedule 250.00
Compliance Schedule - Amendment 160.00
Application to erect marquee 300.00
Certificate of Public Use Application fee (for an agreed duration)​​Fee plus $150.00 per hour after the first 2 hours, plus inspection fee​350.00
Certificate of Public Use - first request extension of timeframe​Extension of timeframe up to 6 months​350.00
Certificate of Public Use - second request extension of timeframeExtension of timeframe up to a further 6 months​​700.00
Certificate of Public Use - third & subsequent request extension of timeframe​
Extension of timeframe up to a further 6 months, and for each subsequent application​
​Certificate of Title on behalf of owner​35.00
Linking of Titles 265.00
Notice on Certificate of Titles 265.00
NZ Fire Service Section 46 notice​​Fee plus fire service charge75.00​

Other Building Charges​​​​

Activity​​ Basis for charge​​2019/20 charges (incl GST)​
Inspection Fee 160.00
Re-inspection Fee 160.00
Inspection Fee in other districtsCharged at a cost in relevant districtTBA
Cancelled inspection​Only charged if on the day of inspection80.00
​Specialist (other engineering review)​Actual cost of advice plus $50.00 administration fee​TBA
​Exemption under schedule 1 (k) (discretionary exemption to obtaining consent)​​Fee plus $150.00 per hour after second hour​300.00
​Building Warrant of Fitness​ ​Receiving information (Annual form 12 acceptance)​75.00
​​Swimming Pool​ ​ ​​Receiving information (IQP Pool Inspector​)​50.00
​Swimming Pool inspection​160.00
​Application for outdoor swimming pool/fence​300.00
​Notice to FixBase fee plus full cost of subsequent inspections​500.00
Certificate under Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act​150.00
​Request for information to be placed on property file​50.00

Property Information Services ​​​

​​ Basis for charge​​​​2019/20 charges (incl GST)​
Land Information MemorandumCommercial/Rural400.00
Land Information MemorandumCommercial/Rural - urgent795.00
Land Information MemorandumResidential330.00
Land Information MemorandumResidential - urgent635.00
Project Information MemorandumUnder $5k130.00
Project Information Memorandum$5k and over300.00
Viewing of Property FileViewing by non-property owner45.00
Viewing of file Property FileViewing by property owner15.00
 Urgent photocopy request15.00
Information on DiskLarge property plans/files45.00
Request for specific documents 
Floor plan - building25.00
New Rapid NumberPer number140.00
​Rapid Plate installation​If qualified BCO required to install​​75.00
Replacement Plate30.00


Other fees that may apply

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