Alcohol Licensing

ActivityBasis for charge2020/21 charges (incl GST)
Cost/risk rating of on/off premisesFee Category
Application fee  
0-2Very low368.00
3 to 5Low609.50
6 to 15Medium816.50
16 to 25High1,023.50
26 plusVery high1,207.50
Annual Fees  
0-2Very low161.00
3 to 5Low391.00
6 to 15Medium632.50
16 to 25High1,035.00
26 plusVery high1,437.50
Special LicenceIssued in respect of​
Class11 large event (400) people or more than 3 medium events (100 to 400 people) or more than 12 small events (fewer than 100 people)575.00
Class 23 to 12 small events (fewer than 100 people) or 1 to 3 medium events (100 to 400 people)207.00
Class 31 or 2 small events (fewer than 100 people)63.25
Manager's Certificate (new or renewal) 316.25
Other fees payable  
Temporary authority 296.70
Temporary licence 296.70
Permanent club charters 632.50
Extract from register 57.50
Water Monitoring (for private supplies)The fee for each supply is calculated based on time, distance from the network,
cost of testing, number of samples and administration. 
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