SiteWise Pre-qualification

​​​​Note: The SiteWise Pre-qualificiation site is under review at the moment. 

What is SiteWise?

SiteWise is a software application developed by Site Safe NZ Inc. to assist and support small contractors to improve their safety systems.  It is used as a contractor pre-qualification system across many different industries, including local government.

It enables contractors to submit their health and safety systems and have them reviewed and assessed independently.  It is designed to ensure that the minimum level of health and safety knowledge and compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 is met. If required, it also provides a process for improvement.​

What are the benefits to Contractors?

  • Access independent and cost effective advice on 
    • ​Where your business stands in relation to health and safety standards
    • How to improve your health and safety practices quickly and easily
  • ​Achieve assessment results which are recorded using a traffic light system, which
    •  Gives us confidence when awarding contracts
    • Makes it easy for other main contractors or principals to see your health and safety performance at a glance
    • Increases your attractiveness to Waitaki District Council and other main contractors or principal organisations, as the higher you score, the more you demonstrate your commitment to good health and safety practices
  • ​The assessment results are valid for a year. This may mean you won’t have to provide evidence of your health and safety systems, processes and competence on a project by project basis​

How to get on the 'SiteWise' Database

  • A representative of your company will need to sign up to the SiteWise website​ 
  • Complete and submit a brief online questionnaire, and provide examples of some supporting information. Your registration in year 1 allows you 3x assessments within that year. In subsequent years you can submit one assessment per year
  • The questionnaire is then assessed by a Health and Safety professional and a grading is awarded​

Waitaki District Council is fully committed to working with industry at all levels to improve the overall Health and Safety practices and culture in any work that we do. Because SiteWise will assist all contractors to learn more about their compliance obligations, and offers tools and resources to assist you to improve, your participation is encouraged and expected.

N.B. Some Contractors may be exempt, these include: remote service providers; suppliers of goods; some Consultants; Training providers; and those who pre-qualify via other externally approved systems (such as Impac Prequal,  ISN or Industry specific systems). Please contact Council, you may also be included in our pre-qualified database, and may be exempt from SiteWise requirements. 


If you’d like to talk to us please contact: H&S Advisor (WDC) 03 433 0300​

The SiteWise team are also available: Sarah Woods​

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