Compliance schedule

A compliance schedule lists specified systems within a commercial building. These systems ensure a building is safe and healthy for members of the public to enter, occupy or work in. The compliance schedule for a building must identify which systems are present, the performance standards for those systems, and how those systems will be monitored and maintained to ensure they will continue to function.

When should an application for a Compliance Schedule be made?

The application should be made as part of the building consent application, where building work includes specified systems within a building. Where an application for a building consent involves building work in an existing building, and that work includes modifying or adding to the specified systems, that work will require an amendment to an existing compliance schedule.

What must the application include?

The application should list each specified system or, if the building work is an amendment to an existing building, the application should list all specified systems in any way affected by the building work.

Please go to building forms and applications page to view all specified system applications.

What is a specified system?

The 2004 Act defines a specified system as a system or feature that is:

    • contained in a building
    • contributes to the proper functioning of the building (eg, a sprinkler system)
    • declared by the Governor-General, by Order in Council, to be a specified system for the purpose of the Act.

Regulation 4 and Schedule 1 of the Building (Specified Systems, Change the Use, and Earthquake-prone Buildings) Regulations 2005 list the specified systems. Some examples are:

    • automatic systems for fire suppression
    • automatic or manual emergency warning systems for fire or other dangers
    • electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows
    • emergency lighting systems
    • escape route pressurisation systems
    • riser mains for use by fire services
    • automatic backflow preventers connected to a potable water supply
    • lifts, escalators, travelators or other systems for moving people or goods within buildings
    • mechanical ventilation or air-conditioning systems
    • building maintenance units providing access to exterior and interior walls of buildings
    • smoke control systems
    • emergency power systems for, or signs relating to, any of the above systems. 

Getting a compliance schedule

Council (acting as the Building Consent Authority) must issue a compliance schedule with a code compliance certificate, where applicable.


Council can charge a fee for issuing a compliance schedule. Please refer to our fees and charges page for current prices.

Amending a compliance schedule

An amendment to a compliance schedule may be triggered by:

    • a building consent application
    • the request of a building owner
    • the decision of the territorial authority at any time
    • a suggestion from an independent qualified person (IQP) 

When an application is made to amend a compliance schedule, Council (as the territorial authority) may wish to consider whether that change has been brought about by building work that should have had a building consent, or will require one.

Council will retain responsibility for making and considering recommendations for amending existing compliance schedules when a building consent application has not affected the change. We are responsible for considering recommendations made by an independent qualified person (IQP) or licensed building practitioner (LBP) for amending existing compliance schedules. Where an IQP or LBP recommends an amendment to a compliance schedule, the owner has the right to make submissions and talk with Council before we make our decision on whether to accept or refuse the recommendation.

Council can charge a fee for issuing an amended compliance schedule. An application for an amendment to a compliance schedule must be on Form 11 from the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004. It must include generic information as well as the following:

  • The location of the particular building
  • The owner of the building, including evidence of ownership
  • A copy of the existing compliance schedule
  • The specified system that the amendment is for, and
  • The reason for the amendment.

Download Application Form for Amendment to Compliance Schedule (PDF, 178.7KB)

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