How to book an inspection

To book your inspection please call us on 03 433 0300 or email at

So we can book the inspection (subject to availability) on your requested date, and to avoid delays onsite, please submit your request at least 2 days in advance.

Inspections are carried out between 8am and 5pm. You can find the inspection schedule and the area maps below.  

Inspection schedule

Inspection areasTime
Waitaki Valley up to OhauTuesdays and Thursdays
South to PalmerstonMondays and Wednesdays
Oamaru TownEvery weekday

Inspection area mapWaitaki Valley up to Ohau inspection map

Oamaru and south inspection map

oamaru inspection map

If you have a preferred time and date of inspection, please specify when you contact us. However, we cannot guarantee that this will be available but will endeavour to book your inspection as close to this time and date as possible.

Stamped, approved consented plans and supporting documents (as sent by Council) must be available on-site during the inspection. An inspection will not proceed if these are not provided. 

A building inspector will contact you on the day of the inspection to confirm their estimated time of arrival. 

If you wish to , please call our .  

When you make your booking, you will need to supply the following information:

  • Your building consent number

  • The site location/address

  • The type of inspection required

  • The name and contact phone number of the person who will be on-site at the time of the inspection

  • Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) name and registration number for Restricted Building Work inspections.

  • Other information that could be useful for the inspector – for example, let us know if you have concrete booked for a certain time, the location of documents etc.

All building consent documents and any approved amendments must also be on-site at the time of inspection. A building inspector will contact you after your inspection is booked to confirm details of the inspection.

A note about final inspections:

When you are booking the final inspection, make sure you give your council plenty of notice. We need time to prepare a pre-CCC (code compliance certificate) report prior to the inspection, detailing everything required to complete the project.​​

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