Lapsed consents

If building work has not commenced within 12 months after a building consent has been issued (or any further period allowed by Council), it will lapse and no longer be in effect.

To help ensure consents don’t lapse, if an inspection has not been completed within the first 9 months, Council will send the building owner a reminder letter asking them to book an inspection or apply for an extension to the 12 month period to complete the work.

If we received no response from the reminder letter, we will issue a further letter at 12 months after the date the building consent was issued.  This letter states that under section 52 of the Building Act 2004, we will lapse the building consent, meaning that a new consent will be required for any future work.

Applying for an extension of time must be made in writing, preferably on the form below.

​How to withdraw you application ​for Building Consent

You may withdraw your application for Building consent by requesting it in writing.  Any plans and specifications will be returned to you (as the building owner). 

Page reviewed: 16 May 2016 11:17am