Building work sign-off

You need to apply for sign-off as soon as practical after:

  • completing the building work, as described in the building consent
  • completing any approved amendments or variations
  • final inspection
  • all Council fees are paid.

Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)

A Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is issued to you by Council (as the Building Consent Authority) for consented building work. This is only done when we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the work complies with the New Zealand Building Code and the building consent that was issued for the work. 

It is important that your final building inspection has been passed before you apply for the CCC. It pays to notify Council of completed work as early as possible. This allows time to arrange an inspection and to rectify any work that does not comply with the Building Code.

A CCC may not be issued if any inspections have been missed or required producer statements cannot be provided. In this case, it may be difficult to insure or sell your building in the future. 

A CCC cannot be issued if there are any outstanding Development Contributions.

Council reminder

We will write to you 21 months after your consent has been issued asking if the building work has been completed and whether you need a final inspection. 

However, it is still your responsibility, as the building owner, to notify us when the building has been completed according to the building consent. If an application for a CCC has not been received by Council within a time period of two years of the consent being granted, we can inspect the project to decide whether to issue a CCC. If the work is not finished within two years, you can apply for an extension.

How to apply for a CCC

An Application Form for a CCC is included in your building pack along with consent forms etc. If this application is misplaced or lost you can download one, or contact us to request another one to be sent out. Council has 20 days to process your application for your Code of Compliance Certificate. 

When you apply for a Code of Compliance Certificate you will need to confirm the names and contact details of all the people involved in your project - eg builders, plumbers, engineers etc. You may also need to supply supporting documentation such as energy certificates, records of work or producer statements.

How long it takes to issue a CCC

Council has 20 working days from the date of your application to decide whether to issue a CCC. If we need more information, we will contact you and put the process on hold until the information is received. 

If everything has been built according to your consented plans and meets the appropriate standards, we will confirm this by issuing the CCC.

If Council isn't satisfied that the building work complies with the consented documents, we will ask you in writing to rectify the work. Until the work is rectified, we can not issue the CCC.

If your application is declined, you can reapply once you have addressed any areas of non-compliance.

Common questions about CCCs:

I have had a CCC inspection and needed to get some things done. I have now finished the work required, but some time has passed, can I get another inspection? 

Yes, but depending on the length of time that has past, the inspection may need to be a full inspection, not just a recall for the items that needed correcting. This is because the building needs to be up to standard now - not what was required at the time of the original inspection. 

Can I move into my new home before the CCC has been issued?

Yes, you can move into your house before the final inspection has been done and the CCC has been issued if you have built it yourself, although we do recommend you get a CCC first.

If you do move in before the CCC is issued, you need to ensure all wet areas are finished, ground levels are finished, all exterior levels are finished, Council inspectors have been given all producer statements and as-laid drainage plans, and all exterior areas have been painted (as appropriate). If you have any other questions contact us. 

Page reviewed: 11 Jan 2019 11:34am