Exempt Building Work

​​​​​Most building work requires you to get a building consent, however, there is some low-risk building work you can undertake without a building consent. Information about this is included in Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 and is referred to as ‘exempt building work’. 

The Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE) has produced a guide to building work that does not require a building consent. This gives a detailed description of when a consent is not required, and any conditions associated with it. For more information please visit building performance website​.

​Applying for exemption from building consent for work not included in Schedule 1

Under the Building Act, Council (acting as the territorial authority) does have discretionary powers to permit building work to be undertaken without a consent if the work is likely to be performed in accordance with the Building Code or, failing that, it is unlikely to endanger people or any building. 

To be permitted to undertake work not included in Schedule 1 without a consent, you must apply to Council for an exemption using the form below. In making a decision on any exemption, Council will undertake a risk assessment of the building work proposed.

Application for filing exempt building work under schedule 1 part 2 (PDF, 288.2KB)​​

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