Waitaki Whitestone Geopark

"Ka titiro ake Ki Te tihi o Aoraki, Heke atu Ki Te Awa tapu o Waitaki, Huri Ki Te Moana o Araiteuru, Tēnā koutou Katoa" "Look up to the top of Aoraki, and back down the Waitaki River, to the Coast of the ancient canoe of the Gods, Araiteuru, Greetings to you all" ​

Welcome to the Waitaki, formed under an ancient sea and built on the remains of prehistoric creatures from a vanished world. Shaped by volcanoes and glaciers, our district borders the mighty Waitaki River, an early super-highway for New Zealand's first people who left traces of their lives along its shores. In Victorian times a bustling town rose up, carved out of whitestone and trading with the world. Written in the stone and in the earth is the story of the Waitaki - a geological wonderland, steeped in history and waiting to be explored.

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