About the project

Shaping our Story logo.The Cultural Facility Development Project (CFDP) aims to create a new cultural facility for the Waitaki District. The Forrester Gallery, North Otago Museum and Waitaki District Archive already operate as one combined department within the Waitaki District Council. This project envisaged the facilities as physically combined on one site by constructing a new and adjoining building to the rear of the Forrester Gallery.

The goal was to create a focal point for our art, our unique stories as well as a shared community space for residents and visitors to spend time and engage in cultural activities.

In July 2018 the Council confirmed it would pause this project to enable it to be reviewed in light of significant new opportunities arising from the creation of the Provincial Growth Fund by the national government and the proposed Waitaki Whitestone Geopark

In the meantime, Waitaki District Council staff are working on a range of more immediate options which will address many of the fundamental issues driving the CFDP in the first place, including better collection storage, better physical access to the Gallery and enhanced displays at the Museum. As part of this process and to support the Geopark Project, the main display space at the Museum is being redeveloped and will reopen in March 2020. 

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