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Our Vision: Waitaki is a safe community in which to live, work and play  

The Safer Waitaki project is a whole-of-community project with a focus on community safety. This includes community health and well-being. The project was initiated in March 2013 as a way to identify and respond to the key community safety priorities for the Waitaki District. We are a coalition that provides a mechanism for the community to work together to maximise resources and expertise.   

Community safety activities are coordinated and managed by our Community Development Coordinator in collaboration with key stakeholders including the New Zealand Police, Civil Defence, our Road Safety Coordinator, community groups and other relevant partners to address issues relating to Crime Prevention and Road Safety in our district.  

By working closely with our partners we aim to maintain a safe environment for our residents and visitors to the Waitaki District.    

Safer Waitaki - International Safe Community

Safer waitaki ceremony with all espresentivies.

Waitaki District was officially designated as an International Safe Community in a special ceremony on 18 March 2013 at the Oamaru Opera House. 

 The ceremony welcomed representatives from the local community to celebrate the achievement of this milestone in the district's journey to becoming a safe place in which to live, work and play.   

The designation is current for five years and then a reapplication process will begin.   For more information please visit Safer Waitaki website.  

Contact Information

Waitaki Community Safety & Development Facilitator  (Helen Algar)

Safer Waitaki -   Family Violence is not ok

The comprehensive local campaign spearheaded by the Safer Waitaki Violence Prevention Initiative and the Family Violence Working group aims to combat through all mediums of community that family violence is not ok.   

As part of the local campaign in 2015, the Waitaki Herald published a large series of slogans, with each slogan representing a local business and their slogans relating to anti-family violence. Family Violence is not ok - Series of slogans   


Loves-Me-Not is a ‘whole-school approach’ to prevent abusive behaviour in relationships. It is based on a student inquiry learning process,  where students take action (personal action, effective bystander action and community action) to prevent harm from relationship abuse.   

Please go to New Zealand Police Youtube channel to watch the introductory video.  

Waitaki District Community Directory

We have a diverse range of groups and organisations in the Waitaki area that deliver social services.  

Download the latest Waitaki Health&Disability/Social Services Directory​

​You can also search the Citizens Advice Bureau Community Directory to find them.   

If you'd like a copy of the Community Directory call the Citizens Advice Bureau on 0800 367 222 or call in to see them on Thames Street, Oamaru.    

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