Youth Council


​​​​​​​​​​The Waitaki District Youth Council is a voice for young people in Waitaki. The council comprises a group of young Waitakians between the ages of 12-24.  Our aim is to ensure the voice of Waitaki's young people is heard and well represented in local government. We are seeking to engage local youth to make Waitaki District the best place to live, work and play.

Youth council 2020

What do we do?

  • Advise the Waitaki District Council and advocates for youth interests in local government decisions. 
  • Identifies youth related issues and opportunities in the Waitaki district. 
  • Make submissions to local and central government.
  • Organise or support youth orientated events.
  • Identify short, medium and long term goals for our young people, and work towards achieving them. 
  • Support initiatives that encourage young people to get involved in community events, and to volunteer their time.
  • Learn meeting procedure.

Being part of Youth Council

If you want to be a part of the Youth Council please contact us on 03 433 0300 . Membership is decided in February, but expressions of interest are accepted all year.

  • Attend and actively participate in monthly Youth Council meetings.
  • Seek the views from peers on youth related issues.
  • Play an active part in decision making, and take ownership of any follow up roles created as a result of these decisions.
  • Undertake any reading or other preparation required for upcoming meetings.

Youth Council meetings

Youth Council meetings are held every month - Please contact us on 03 433 0300 to find out the meeting venue. Youth Council meetings are open to the public, agendas and minutes are available on request. Generally, the meeting is also at tended by an elected member who reports back to Council for local government decisions.

The meeting begins with a public forum.  We encourage Waitaki's young people to present any ideas or issues at the public forum. If you want to present your ideas please contact us on 03 433 0300 .

Contact us

Please contact one of our youth councillors through your school if you have any issues, or ideas for projects or events.

BorrieWaitaki Girls’  Chair
HannahAchesonWaitaki Girls’​

BethanArdouinSt Kevin'
​Lochlan​Cowles​Waitaki Boys’​​​​
​Brieana​Diedrichs ​Waitaki Girls’​​​​​Deputy Chair​
KatieiFunakiWaitaki Boys’

JoshKinnairdWaitaki Boys’​​​​
KatieKinnairdWaitaki Girls’
St Kevin'​
FergusMcMullanSt Kevin's​​
EthanReilleWaitaki Boys’​​
Isaac SteelSt Kevin'  
NauaTeuWaitaki Girls’
Adrian Tevao​​Waitaki Boys’​

For any general enquiries please contact us on 03 433 0300 or by visiting our Youth Council Facebook page. ​​

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