Waitaki Residents' Survey

​​​​​​​​​​​​2019 Residents’ Survey

The 2019 Residents' Survey is one way in which Council gets the views and opinions of the community on services such as water, roading and libraries. Over 400 residents across the district were contacted by phone and asked a series of questions, then the results were compiled by Key Research.

Residents' Survey results

The following is the Executive Summary from the report:

  1. Waitaki District Council has an Acceptable Reputation index of 77. Trust, that is being open and transparent and working in the best interest of the district, has the greatest impact on Overall Reputation. As only  around half of the residents (53%)  are satisfied with Trust, this presents an opportunity for improvement.
  2. Overall, Oamaru ward residents are more likely to be satisfied with Council’s Image and Reputation,  Services and facilities and Value for Money than Waihemo ward residents.
  3. Satisfaction with various services, facilities and infrastructure has improved, particularly with regard to Lakes camping grounds, Sealed roading network, Opera House and Water supply. However, perceptions around Unsealed roading network, Resource recovery park, Parks and reserves, Library services, Cemeteries, and Sports fields and facilities have slightly declined since 2018.​
  4. While satisfaction with services and facilities is high among the drivers of satisfaction, Value for money, on the other hand, has a relatively low performance. Demonstrating How rates are spent and that they are Fair and reasonable are potential areas for improvement.
  5. Satisfaction level with Community consultation has increased to 47% from its previous level of 39% in 2018. This is influenced by a significant increase in satisfaction from Oamaru ward ​residents.
  6. Perceptions regarding the performance of the Mayor and Councillors have improved from 56% in 2018 to 64% in 2019. Satisfaction with the Community Boards has increased among Ahuriri ward residents but ​decreased among residents in Waihemo.​​

To view the full report please click on the link below. 

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